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Press Release from Utah Office of Education
Invitation from Superintendent Menlove to explore school grading scores 9/3/2013

Clara: Educators’ pessimism doesn’t help students
By Michael Clara,  Salt Lake City School Board District 2

New School Grading System Will Ultimately Help Minority Students
A case study, and a call to action from Sen. Reid

Why All the Fuss About School Grading
Thoughts from Sen. Weiler

Deseret News Editorial
“This Fresh Approach to School Accountability is Encouraging”

Letter from the Speaker and President
Perspective on the School Grading law, from an Email sent 8/28/13

Shining a light; Promoting a Dialogue
Deseret News piece by Dan Liljenquist

Utah School Grading Begins in September
Detailed review of School Grading by Senate President Wayne Niederhauser.  Includes PowerPoint presentation and audio of his presentation to the Education Interim Committee.

Accountability + Transparency in Education
Post-2013 Legislative Session review of SB 271, the bill that modified and improved Utah’s School Grading law.

School Grading, the Cavalry for Poorer Schools
Blog post by Senator Steve Urquhart regarding the disparity in public schools

Transforming education to a student-centered system
Op-ed piece by Governor Jeb Bush in the Deseret News


More Support

From the Utah Technology Council's School Grading Resource Page

From the Utah Technology Council’s School Grading Resource Page

The Association of American Educators [via the Sutherland Institute] | Guest column: Utah issues letter grades to public schools

Prosperity 2020 | Business leaders support school grading, support continued refinement

Utah Technology Commission Letter |  UTC provides brief analysis and support for School Grading

Utah Technology Commission Advocacy Page | Page dedicated to resources, information, and support for School Grading

Foundation for Excellence in Education | The education reform organization that helped launch School Grading

Governor Jeb Bush Letter | Support for SB 271 and School Grading in Utah

Parents for Choice in Education | Policy page re: School Grading that includes Facts v. Myths

VIDEO: A Vision for Education | Governor Jeb Bush outlines a vision for quality 21st Century Education

News Stories

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Ogden educator applauds controversial new grading system | The Standard-Examiner

Utah County schools rank high in grades | Daily Herald

My View: Why Utah Schools Need Grading by Wayne Niederhauser and Becky Lockhart | Deseret News

Utah Grades The Schools | San Juan Record

Grades For Utah Schools Bring Strong Reaction From Parents and Educators | Deseret News

Fight Over School Grading System Heats Up | Utah Policy

D and F Grades For Salt Lake City’s High Schools | Salt Lake Tribune

Utah Assigns Grades To All Schools–How Did Yours Do? | Salt Lake Tribune

Will Utah’s School Grading System Erode Support For Public Schools | Salt Lake Tribune

Utah Releases School Grades Under New System | Daily Herald

More Than Half of Utah Schools Earn A’s and B’s | KSL.com

More Than Half of Utah Schools Earn A’s and B’s | KSCG.com

Making the Grade: Maps of the Highest and Lowest Scoring Schools | KUER.org

Utah Schools Get First Letter Grades | Fox 13 News, 9/3/13

New School Grading System Comes Online Next Week | Utah Policy Daily, 8/28/13

New Utah school grades will proceed with slight tweaks | Salt Lake Tribune

Educations leaders will not ask for veto of school grading bill| Salt Lake Tribune

Utah School Grading Program Should Spark Dialogue | Deseret News

Lawmakers discuss possible tweaks to controversial school grading law | Deseret News

Grades for Utah schools expected to stir controversy | Deseret News